October 26, 2018

Unraveling Beethoven

New Commissions for Violin and Piano of Allen Anderson, D.K. Garner, Robert Honstein, Jesse Jones, and Tonia Ko

1. David Kirkland Garner: The Sky Was Good For Flying (2016) 06:24

2. Allen Anderson: Linen (2017) 13:15

3. Robert Honstein: Olmsted (2017): I. Jamaica Pond 04:52

4. Robert Honstein: Olmsted (2017): II. The Ramble 07:03

5. Robert Honstein: Olmsted (2017): III. Long Meadow 05:10

6. Robert Honstein: Olmsted (2017): IV. World's End 04:41

7. Tonia Ko: Tribute (Axis II) (2016) 12:13

8. Jesse Jones: Scherzo (After Beethoven) (2016) 06:37


Violinist Nicholas DiEugenio and pianist Mimi Solomon release their second recording on New Focus, this one a chronicle of their commissioning project, Unraveling Beethoven. The duo approached several composers, Tonia Ko, David Kirkland Garner, Jesse Jones, Robert Honstein, and Allen Anderson, and asked them to write works that are inspired by Beethoven's Violin Sonatas.


released October 26, 2018