December 17, 2022

Nicholas DiEugenio launches “Recalibrating Romantic”

Nicholas launched the video project “Recalibrating Romantic,” an ongoing YouTube video series in which Nicholas teams up with Prof. Mimi Solomon and UNC Chapel Hill staff members Jesse Moorefield and Jay Harper. The series features performances by Nicholas and Mimi using historical instruments owned by the UNC Chapel Hill Department of Music as well as from Nicholas’ own collection, and so far explores repertoire by Pauline Viardot, Teresa Carreño, and Clara Schumann. Other composers for future phases of the project include ​​Clarence Cameron White, Harry T. Burleigh, Cécile Chaminade, Louise Farrenc, Fanny Mendelssohn. Nicholas and Mimi are some of the first artists to produce videos of the works of composers such as Carreño and Viardot using historical instruments and materials. 

In addition to producing videos, the duo plans to present several programs throughout the ‘23-24 concert season contextualizing these underperformed works alongside more familiar voices.“Our aim is to promote awareness and inclusion of these unheard and underrepresented voices, while at the same time bringing music of the traditional classical canon new life and contextualization through a historically informed approach to performance, programming, and interpretation,” says Nicholas. 

The instruments used for this project include several historically designed violin bows, thick-gauged gut strings, and a Dom Nicolo Amati violin made in Bologna, 1734. UNC’s Department of Music owns two specific pianos (one original Pleyel ca. 1842 donated by the Kenan Foundation, one Graf 1830 copy made by Rodney Regier ca. 2000). These instruments, with their historical and historically-inspired materials, construction, and sound-producing mechanisms, allow for the creation of specific and rare soundscapes which offer unique musical possibilities. You can check out live video performances from “Recalibrating Romantic” on Nicholas DiEugenio’s YouTube Channel, or by using the YouTube handle @dieu_violin.