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We don’t know exactly when or exactly why Bach wrote his Sei Solo for “violin without bass” (probably around 300 years ago), and after their mid-19th century rise to prominence they have remained a staple in violin learning and literature ever since. Much has been made of the grammatical curiosity on their title page (Sei Solo reading variously as “you are alone” or “he is alone”), since Bach was famously meticulous and could easily have written Sei Soli (six solos). During the height of the pandemic, Nicholas explored these works in conjunction with interviews of his musician-friends doing social justice work, in an effort to feel less alone himself. Since then, Nicholas has created 32 original works of visual art inspired by each of these incredible, monumental pieces, which are projected as Nicholas performs all Six Sonatas and Partitas. The concert was first presented by the UNC Music Department in conjunction with the North Carolina HIP Festival in Moeser Auditorium at UNC-Chapel Hill on February 24, 2023 at 7:30 pm. This concert season ('23-'24) Nicholas will tour the program along with his original works of visual art across the United States, at venues including the University of Michigan and New York's St. Ignatius of Antioch. The full Inspired by Bach tour schedule can be viewed on the website. Please Get In Touch if you are interested in bringing this unique multimedia project to a concert series near you!

Andante: Feel Free (2023)
Bourée: Stomp Stomp! (2023)
Ciaccona: Crux (2023)

Live Video: February 24, 2023

Presto: Centrifuge (2023)
Fuga: Aerial View (2022)
Gigue: Bright Future (2023)